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My name is Lucas Walters and I am a fourth year Software Engineering student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Welcome to my personal website. I very much enjoy what I do as a student Software Engineer and I am currently looking for an internship. If you want to know more about me, feel free to scroll down and take a peek.

My Experiences

Application Design

During my past projects I've had an affinity for creating a complex and efficient application structure. My experience has shown me that using an object oriented design produces a successful result in most situations which is why I effectively apply those skills in my projects.


I have completed multiple projects with the Scrum development method, this has given me quite some knowledge on project management. I also have experience using the PRINCE2 method and have effectively applied it during my past projects.

Data Structures

My earlier projects have given me enough experience with SQL and maintaining a logical Database. More recently I have been expanding my knowledge with Big Data projects. Using the Hadoop Distributed File System to create a reliable and scalable data storage environment.

Portfoliomy creations and contributions

  • Website Intercultural Business Solutions

    I've been asked to create a website for the company Intercultural Business Solutions. Producing this website has given me a lot of insight with Web development and design.

    Project Fasten Your SeatbeltsSeptember 2014 - January 2015

    This project, commissioned by the HvA and Corendon, was the first project I have done together with a team. We were asking to make a luggage management application for Corendon. During this project learned quite a lot about Java programming and application designs.

    Project Learn and PlayFebruary 2015 - July 2015

    For this project my team and I had the job over designing and actualising a toy for children with Pitt Hopkins syndrome. We decided to make a play-box called "The Learn and Play".

  • Project Enterprise Web ApplicationSeptember 2015 - January 2016

    Together with my team we built a new employee management web application for InfoSupport. We applied a modern application structure by using Java SpringMVC.

    Project BRAVOSeptember 2016 - January 2017

    In this Big Data oriented project we focused on using the Microsoft Kinect to automatically recognise walking patterns of elderly people and calculate a chance of falling based on their pattern.

    Project OGDBFebruary 2017 - July 2017

    I helped continue the work on this web application for viewing buildings in 3D mainly by creating a first person camera so you can fly through the house and adding a feature to place and move objects for interior design purposes.

  • Project Spaarne Guesthouse VRSeptember 2017 - Present

    Our ragtag team of Software Engineers, Game Developers and Company Branding students was tasked with a solution to help improve the hospitality and cyber security awareness of the Spaarne Guesthouse. The idea we are materialising is a Virtual Reality experience for the Spaarne Guesthouse employees.

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Lucas Walters


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