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My name is Lucas Walters and I am a second year Software Engineering student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Welcome to my personal website. I very much enjoy what I do as a student Software Engineer and I am currently looking for an internship. If you want to know more about me, feel free to scroll down and take a peek.

My Experiences

Application and Web Design

I have a lot of experience with application development, namely in Java. Recently I've been getting more and more experience with web development and I have extended my experience on Front-end design principles like Bootstrap.


I have completed multiple projects with the Scrum development method, this has given me quite some knowledge on project management methods. One of my personal learning goals is to have more knowledge and experience with Prince 2 and I am already working on reaching that goal.

Back-end Development

Database management and creating clean application structures are two things I've had a lot of practice with. For the last 3 projects I've helped with I have been working on creating and maintaining a logical database.

Portfoliomy creations and contributions

  • Website Intercultural Business Solutions

    I've been asked to create a website for the company Intercultural Business Solutions. Producing this website has given me a lot of insight with Web development and design.

    Project Fasten Your SeatbeltsSeptember 2014 - January 2015

    This project, commissioned by the HvA and Corendon, was the first project I have done with a team. We were asking to make a luggage management application for Corendon. During this project learned quite a lot about Java programming and application designs.

    Project Learn and PlayFebruary 2015 - July of 2015

    For this project my team and I had the job over designing and actualising a toy for children with Pitt Hopkins syndrome. We decided to make a play-box called "The Learn and Play".

Contact Me


Lucas Walters


+31 62 3274054